You want to run your business, not have it run you. Choose the experienced professionals at Clear Practical Accounting and we will help you succeed!

Large businesses and organizations have Chief Financial Officers responsible for  keeping financial records, and making long term financial plans.  As the chief accountant, a CFO institutes and operates a system of accounts, prepares financial reports, files tax returns, countersigns checks, and prepares the  budget. Small businesses, which are the backbone of the U.S. economy, can seldom afford to keep their own full-time financial officer on staff.

That’s where we can help. We can provide your business with the benefits and expertise of a chief financial officer for a fraction of the cost.

Our experienced Certified Public Accountants can help you keep your business profitable and growing. We can help you with internal cost accounting, data processing systems and procedures, acquisitions analysis, financial planning, internal audits and the daily receipt, custody, investment, and disbursement of corporate funds.

We invite you to call for an appointment, so we can learn about your business and explain which of our services can help you succeed.