2019 Filing Season

The IRS has announced it will begin accepting 2018 tax returns on January 28, 2019 and the shutdown will not affect refunds.

There are many new changes to the tax code for the upcoming tax season.  Please be patient with the additional questions we have to ask and the time we have to take to document your responses to these questions.  With the government shutdown, we have not received all of the clarifying rulings and procedures from the IRS to assist us in determining some of these issues – especially around the new 20% qualified business income deduction.  There will be a lot of grey area this year that we will have to wade through with our clients.

New tax return requirements

Due to enhanced regulations by the IRS and State of Oregon, all taxpayers will be asked to verify their direct deposit information if you are electing this option for your refund.  You will have to initial our form verifying this information.  In addition, Oregon is requiring we provide the primary taxpayers’ drivers license information.  If you elect to not give us this information, your return could be delayed.  These new requirements were put into place in order to mitigate taxpayer identification fraud.