How many hours have you spent slaving over your books, when you could have been using that time to increase your profits? Did you really save any money? Did you end up paying your CPA to track down and fix problems?

Accounting programs (like Quickbooks®, Quicken®, Peachtree®, Money®, etc.) simply record the figures that each user enters into the database. Many accounting entries will not be created from the checkbook. Many transactions need to be generated from other information sources. Choosing the wrong input screen or data-set will bog you down with irreconcilable records… until a trained accountant sees the problem and fixes it.

We know accounting, bookkeeping, and business procedures. We know how to do payroll correctly and accurately – not just cheaply. We know how to help you avoid penalties and interest charges. We know how to avoid unnecessary income taxes – legally and ethically.

We can even provide the part-time qualified staff for your in-house needs. Unlike a temp agency employee, our people are supervised by our CPAs – who know your business needs.

For quality information and timely services at a fair price – give us a call.