“a penny saved is a penny earned” Benjamin Franklin

To build wealth, you need to keep more of what you make. When it comes to taxes, we utilize several methods to help our clients keep more of their money:

  • Good Planning: for proper, legal use of the tax code to minimize income taxes.
  • Complying with changing rules & regulations: to avoid penalties and interest.
  • Accurately filing required forms: to reduce audits caused by errors.

We prepare and e-file all the tax forms that the IRS and state governments require.

We know there are a number of free and discount tax preparation services available to you. We gain new clients every year by fixing the problems caused by using those services.

Our Certified Public Accountants and licensed tax professionals keep up with the latest tax laws so we can help our clients maximize the benefits from their income and deductions.

You can have satisfaction that you’ve contributed to your state and nation; confidence that you’ve kept every dollar you’re able to and peace of mind that if the IRS selects you for audit, you’ll have professionals who know your file.